Sunday, July 16, 2006

Five Months


In five months you have made quite an impact on this family. Your sister loves you -

Sometimes very fiercely! (That's her giving Ben a hug, for those who are puzzled.)

We spent a very hot Memorial Day at Viva! Vienna! where Claire had a great time going on all kinds of rides, and Mommy and Daddy ate lots of junk, and you - well, you put up with it all.

We had a rough first three months or so with you, but now we see lots of great big smiles, and it melts our hearts every time.

You love people. As long as other people are around for you to watch and listen to you tend to be happy, but woe to the one who leaves you alone!

We took a trip to the beach, and you seemed to like it. Well, you slept through most of the actual "beach" portion of your vacation, but you loved being around all of your aunts and uncles and grandparents. Cousin Ryan thinks you're great (probably only partly because you can't take his toys yet), and liked being near you, and touching your little feet. Aunt Cindy loves to hold babies, and she couldn't get enough of you. Grandma pushed you around and around the great room in a stroller when you got fussy, and Mommy and Daddy actually had a little bit of time to relax. Imagine!

This month you learned to roll from your back to your tummy (thanks to some excellent coaching from Nonni - of course you waited to do it until the day after she was there).

You've spent more and more time in the exersaucer, and you seem to enjoy it. Lots of fun things to look at and explore.

You are five months old, little boy, and you're not so little anymore. The last time you were weighed you were 18.6 pounds! I love your smile, and your giggle, and holding you in my arms is just such an amazing feeling. This month two people that Mommy knows lost their little boys, and it probably made me hug you a little tighter, and hold you a little longer every day. But that is never a bad thing. I know that it made me very grateful for every smile, every cry, and yes, even every poopy diaper. I love you, sweet boy.


Mom lesson #273

No matter how badly the infant needs a diaper change, do NOT leave the toddler alone with spaghetti.

(Picture taken Feb. 21 - my first week alone with both kids)