Monday, August 07, 2006

The great diaper debate

You know, there was a time, not so long ago, when I could not wait for Claire to be able to talk. And now? Now she talks, and with talking comes having an opinion. Well, she had opinions before, but I could feign stupidity and pretend to not understand what her screaming and crying and pointing and grunting was trying to tell me. It's a lot harder when she's actually using real words. Which brings us to diapers.

A common question from soon-to-be moms is which diapers are better. I used to think that there was no correct answer, and that it would vary from child to child which would fit them best, and be most comfortable, etc. I was wrong. The answer is Huggies. Why? Because Pampers has decorated their size 4 diapers with Sesame Street characters. Each diaper has one character. The problem? For many of our diaper changing sessions I hear "want ER-nie, ER-nie" so I dig around for an Ernie diaper. Then she says "NO Er-nie, NO, want Melmo". This continues. ER-nie, Melmo, Bert, Coo-ee Mah-ster. She. can't. make. up. her. mind. In the end, whatever I put on her is usually wrong. Most distressing for a two year old. The beauty of Huggies? We have one lion, or two lions. That's all. We have no other choices. If there's no choices, she can't have an opinion, right? Right? God, I hope so.