Monday, October 23, 2006

Seven Months

(OK, so I'm two months behind, but I have good intentions - honest!)

Wow! Seven months old! You are becoming such a big boy, Ben. This month was not nearly as busy as the last one, but we had a lot of fun.

We spent a nice weekend down at Nonno and Nonni's lake house. Saturday we went to the Louisa County Fair - you seemed fairly unimpressed, but Claire loved running around despite the heat. She pet some adorable puppies, spent a long time watching the baby ducks, and even got her face painted! Sadly, by the time we sent Daddy to get ice cream it was all gone. :(

The next day Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Brandon, Gigi, Uncle Don, and Ryan all came to the lake to see the house and spend time with us. We went out on the boat - you weren't thrilled about it at first - especially wearing your life jacket when it was already so hot, but you wound up falling asleep on the ride over to Doug and Ellen's house, and on the way back.

We had a nice dinner on the big picnic table on the deck - everyone was impressed by how much and how well you ate. Later, while Ryan and Claire fought over who would play with which toy you and Uncle Brandon hung out on the floor. He was slightly tired from driving all night from Texas, but we were awfully glad that he came! You are not, however, going to start that silly wearing-two-different-color-socks thing. Uncle Brandon is sure to grow out of that eventually.

Speaking of you eating, you have tried all of your different fruits and veggies now. You seem to like all of the fruits, and you love sweet potatoes. You prefer the orange veggies to the green ones, but you'll eat them all. You usually have oatmeal and fruit in the morning and then a fruit and a veggie at dinner time. Yum!

This month you finally mastered sitting up on your own. You still get tired and fall over after a while, but you are officially sitting up! Yet another sign that you're not such a baby anymore.

In August we headed up to the woods of Pennsylvania for your first experience at Camp Little Run. Camp Little Run is a hunting camp that is jointly owned by a group of men. Mommy's uncles are both part of that group, and for several years we've been reserving it for a weekend in the summer to try to get as much of the family as possible together. This year neither Aunt Jen and Uncle Jon, Aunt Sarah and Pete, or Uncle David could come, but your great-aunts and your great-uncles were there along with Nonno and Nonni. You met your first cousins once removed, Kelsey, Lily, and Jordyn. Lily was thrilled that Claire was old enough to play with this year, and all of them adored sitting with you and handing you new toys to explore. One of my favorite parts of the weekend was watching you sit in your Bumbo seat next to Uncle Paul's radio, and you were just dancing away to Hang on Sloopy. I guess you like oldies.

Saturday it rained almost all day, but you got to go shopping with the ladies while all of the other kids stayed home with the men. Then in the afternoon Daddy organized the great washer-toss tournament. Mommy and Uncle Barry were the only undefeated team! Hooray! As usual we had lots of good food and conversation. Even though we had to toast the marshmallows in the microwave to make s'mores.

Lying down: Montana
Seated L-R: Nonni, Jordyn, Lily, Mitchell, Kelsey, Mommy and Claire

Standing L-R: Nonno, Uncle Paul, Sherryl, Uncle Barry, Aunt Valerie, Aunt Renita, Daddy, and you

Your smile brightens every day, Ben. You have the cutest dimples, and such long, dark eyelashes. Look out, ladies! It is so much fun to watch you explore the world around you. You carefully investigate your toys, turning them over and over in your hands. Maybe you'll be a scientist when you grow up. I love watching you grow, and change - though a part of me is also sad that you are growing up. I think that happens to every mother. We can't wait for you to get older and do new things, but at the same time we want you to stay little forever.


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