Friday, February 29, 2008

It almost made me forget all the whining

So today Claire was talking to me on the way from her school to the grocery store.

Claire: When you and daddy get married?
Me: Almost 8 years ago
Claire: Wow. That's a looooooooong time.
Me: Yep, it sure is.
Claire: Mommy? When I get married?
Me: When you're an adult, and you fall in love, and you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, then you can get married.
Claire: But. But. But Mommy? I love you the mostest.

In other news, this morning when I was showering Ben found my glasses. He looked so cute when he came up to me as I got out of the shower. "Look me, Mommy!" So I sent him to Daddy so he could see him, too. Then about 90 seconds later I see him holding two completely separate pieces of my glasses. Umm yeah. I definitely should have known better.

So I dug out my old frames that Claire had damaged about a week before Ben was born. Putting them at just over 2 years old. Do you know what that means? That means that they won't just make me new eyeglasses, I have to go in tomorrow for an eye exam. And then pick out the frames. And then wait for them to get made. Because Hour Eyes? Doesn't really make many glasses in an hour. In the meantime I have a brutal headache from these old glasses. I'm sure that by the time my body adjusts to them my new glasses will be ready.

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Carol said...

funny enough, there was an article in the Boston globe about people wearing glasses