Thursday, July 24, 2008

The times they are...

a changing.

Around here anyway.

In just a short time - a month from tomorrow to be precise - I will be headed back to work. This is not something that I was seeking out, however it is an amazing and exciting opportunity that was too good (and unpredictable) to let pass by.

I will be working at the same middle school that I taught at before Claire was born. This time I will be serving as a math resource teacher - helping the students who need it the most. Our goal is to raise student test scores starting with the incoming seventh graders.

I can't tell you how immensely flattering it was to have the school seek me out and tell me how much they wanted me to take this position. I have been lying awake nights ever since coming up with ideas of what we can do for these students, and how to best accomplish it. I have dozens of ideas of ways that I can help the classroom teachers.

At the same time I am extremely anxious at the prospect of being away from my kids for so long every day. I have no doubts that they will flourish in their respective schools, but I worry about missing out on so many little moments in the day, or feeling like I have the time to just stop what I'm doing to roll around on the floor with them - or dance in their pajamas.

I know there will be a learning curve for the whole family as we get used to a new arrangement. I know that we will continue to make many happy memories together. I know that there are times that I will love it and times that I will hate it. I know that we will have lots of help as we get used to things.

It's not going to be easy. But it will be good. For all of us. I know.

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Colleen said...

The kids -- yours and all of those new middle schoolers -- are lucky to have you, Emily. Enjoy stretching your brain a bit -- and if you're happy, the family will be happy too... eventually.

Here's wishing you more highs than lows, my friend. Good luck!