Monday, August 18, 2008


I've missed two Best Shot Mondays - and not because I don't have pictures to share. Things have been a little bit crazy around here lately, and I just haven't been making the time to post, so I thought I'd share some of the kids latest funnies.

Claire: Hey mama, you know what?
Me: What?
Claire: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Me: Probably not. What are you thinking?
Claire: We didn't see any shark pajamas when you bought my new polar bear pajamas.
Me: ....


Ben: I'm a scary dragon!
Claire shrieks and hides on the couch.
Claire: Help! It's a scary dragon!
Ben: *offended* I not a dragon any more. I a Benjamin!


Yesterday we went to a Beach Boys concert with the kids and my parents at a local outdoor venue. All week I'd been talking about it with the kids, but Ben had a little trouble keeping things straight.

Ben (Monday after nap): We go to the Beach Mans today?
Me: Not the Beach Mans, buddy, the Beach Boys.

Ben (Tuesday morning): Today we see the Beach Kids?
Claire: It's the Beach BOYS, Ben.

Ben (Friday afternoon - finally catching on): We're going to a picnic-concert. The Beach Boys. Not the Beach Mans.


Yes, we've been very busy, but it sure has been fun!

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