Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - the picture free edition

1. The power cord to my lovely MacBook is not working well. Tomorrow I will be visiting the Genius Bar. This is why there are no new pictures today.

2. Tomorrow I will also be celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary. Yippee!

3. Except we're not really going to celebrate until next week when the kids are at my parents' house for 3 days.

4. Also, to add to tomorrow's excitement, I need to register Claire for SACC (school aged child care) for the 2010-2011 school year. I have been told that if I don't get through tomorrow, I am likely to wind up on the waiting list, without a spot.

5. My kids crack me up all the time. Lately they frequently pretend to be mother and child, and so tonight I heard Claire telling Ben, "Honey? Honey, you're beautiful, but I just don't know. You're kind of odd." I have no idea where she came up with that, but I could not stop laughing.

6. In other funny kid stuff, Ben has started prefacing many statements with "I'm serious!" which just makes me laugh so hard. He really is trying to be serious a lot of the time, but I can not help cracking up.

7. We just got back from 5 days in northern California. We had a great trip including a trip to an aquarium, riding a cable car, seeing the giant Redwoods, a 98th birthday party, and a trip to the beach where both kids got to splash in the Pacific Ocean. It was fabulous.

8. My mom told me today that one of Claire and Ben's fourth-cousins-once-removed (got that?) who is between them in age, told her Nonni yesterday, "I want to go back to Auntie Popo's and play with those kids." When she was told that they flew home on the plane yesterday she then replied, "Well call them, and tell them to come back!" Apparently they were popular.

9. Ben liked playing with his fourth-cousins-once-removed, but preferred playing in their father's fire truck. I think if we lived in California Nick would be Ben's new best friend. He let them turn on the lights, talk over the loudspeaker, and try out the siren, as well as trying on his hat and coat.

10. Speaking of his coat, in a classic example of one hand not talking to the other, it was determined that all fire personnel at a traffic incident have to wear reflective vests. The reflective vests are not fireproof, so if there is a fire they can not wear them. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Ahh, bureaucracy.

And that's it for this Tuesday. Stay tuned - if I can get a new power cord, or they can make it work, hopefully I'll have pictures from our trip to share soon.

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