Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - It's been a while!

1. We are really ready for some warmer weather around here. I would truly like to get rid of the giant dirty piles of snow that still line the roads and parking lots.

2. Had a nice dinner at Noodles & Co. with the kids tonight. We all get food that we really like, and they told me about lots of things that happened at school. They're growing up!

3. Of course, no conversation with Ben is complete without him totally making something up. At dinner tonight, after hearing that Claire did something so well that she got to make the class example, he told me that he did such a good job at taking grapes off of their stems for snack time that he got to teach that "lesson" to the other students.

4. Brian is off on a trip tonight. I never sleep well while he's gone. Hopefully Friday will come soon.

5. As I'm typing this I looked out the sliding glass door, and noticed snow drifting down. It's not supposed to amount to anything, but still - really? It's March.

6. The kids and I are really enjoying the adventures of Iggy and his Wiggy bed as our bedtime story the last few nights. Check it out. (Be prepared - it plays music!)

7. I celebrated my birthday last weekend. I got many lovely gifts, and birthday greetings from friends new and old - near and far (thanks to Facebook). The kids were probably more excited than I was, which is fun to watch. They probably sang to me about 7 times over the course of dinner Friday night - needless to say, the waitstaff also knew it was my birthday, so they sang to me, too.

8. Some parts of the Olympics have been very exciting to watch. Watching the kids try to act out the sports they see after the fact, is also very entertaining. Perhaps more so than the NBC commentary. ;)

9. It has been interesting at work trying to get back into routine after our extended snowcation. I believe that last week was the first full school week for students since the middle of January. I'm sure they'll be back up to speed just in time for spring break in a few weeks.

10. Well, Mom and Dad arrived back in the country from France, shared a glass of wine with me, and now it is time to head to bed. I didn't have time to pull out my camera and look for recent pictures - maybe next time. Until then - Happy Tuesday!

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