Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yes, I am not good at updating this lately. I feel like the world just keeps on spinning and I am hanging on desperately by my fingernails trying not to fall off. I keep thinking "oh next week will be better/calmer/easier." I've been thinking that since September. It doesn't seem to have happened yet.

2. My kids are totally unpredictable at the dinner table. Yesterday they ate all of their food and even had seconds of some things (actually Claire had 3 helpings of green beans). Today they ate all of their carrots and not much of anything else. Oh well, it means leftovers for Brian's lunch tomorrow.

3. I'm sure one thing that doesn't help with the dinner issue is that lately I usually don't get to pick the kids up until at least 5, which means we're not home until around 5:30, and they are starving. Finding them a snack that they're willing to eat that won't ruin their dinner is a constant challenge.

4. Two weekends ago we took the kids camping. Actually, due to my knee I came home to sleep and left Brian to sleep with the kids. It was a big success. The others with us raved about the food Brian prepared (though you could tell it was planned by men, there was a lot of meat and no side dishes for dinner). The kids had a blast playing at the playground, eating s'mores, and fishing. Everyone slept pretty well, though a few found themselves on the downhill slope of the tent making it a little more complicated. All in all a good trip. To be repeated.

5. Work has been stressful lately. It is time for the state standardized testing, and my students test in math on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Sunday I woke up and immediately my head was full of sample test questions. It's even invading my weekends! So far the kids have been mostly cooperative during review activities, so I am hopeful that it will go well.

6. Today the kids wanted to go outside when we got home, so I went out front and did some weeding while they rode bikes and scooters up and down the sidewalk. None of our gardens have been weeded since my dad worked on them when I had my surgery, and boy can you tell. Part of this weekend needs to be dedicated to getting the front of the house under control and planting some annuals.

7. Some of the gardens are flourishing, though. Last week I went out and picked a vase full of peonies (photo above), and put them in the middle of the dining room table. Their sweet scent drifts across the house at unexpected moments and just makes me happy whenever I notice it.

8. I can't believe that in 8 days I will be the mother of a six year old. Where does the time go. I can still remember so vividly the day that she was born. That morning I sat on the floor of my kitchen - 2 days past my due date - talking on the phone with a friend while I scrubbed the fronts of my cabinets with Clorox wipes. After a very stressful afternoon and evening I held my first baby in my arms. But the rest of this is a story for next week.

9. Claire graduates from her Montessori school on her birthday next week, and she is beyond excited about it. However, she is upset about leaving behind her teacher of 3 years. She keeps telling me that she wishes Miss Pam could be her teacher forever, and why can't her school add more classes so she can stay there for first grade.

10. Friday night when going to get in her pajamas Claire told me that Miss Pam gave her some kisses to put in her pocket, so she was going to put them somewhere safe. The next day she was upset about something. Then she said, "I know!" and stuck her hand in her pocket. "I have my kisses from Miss Pam, I put them in here this morning." And just like that it was all better.

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