Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finding a new normal

So the end of the school year was last week. And for me, it was the end of this phase of my career. I had been unexpectedly put back in the classroom shortly before the school year started, and the workload proved to be too much for me and for our family right now, so I am not headed back in the fall.

Now I have to work on figuring out what my new "normal" is going to be. Although, with it being summer, the word normal is all relative. Every week of July means something different going on - a different schedule, different activities, or different location. Maybe I can find normal in August???

At any rate, right now I am looking forward to taking care of lots of neglected projects around the house, catching up on my "to read" pile, and spending lots of relaxed time with my family. Seems like a good enough plan to me.

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Cowbark said...

Hopefully the "new normal" involves more blogging! ;)