Friday, December 03, 2010

The perfect Christmas card

What a goofball!

Every year, as the holiday season approaches, one of the things that adds stress to my to-do list is creating the perfect Christmas card to send out to our family and friends.

All the disdain a 6 year old can muster.

Confession - last year, I finally got pictures I was happy with, and my sister designed a beautiful card, and then I never sent it out. Whoops.

For me, one of the biggest struggles is getting the perfect pictures to capture what the kids are like. One of these years I'm going to have no choice but to make a card entirely of "outtakes" from the photo shoot, but not this year. With a little bribery, I was able to get pictures that made me happy, but I also got plenty of not so great ones - can you tell who was the more uncooperative one this year?

Then once you have pictures that you are satisfied with, you need to choose from what is now a myriad of options for creating a card. Now I have to say, that in the past I dismissed Shutterfly cards as being pretty simple with not a lot of options. Well, boy has that changed! They now have an astonishing array of holiday cards to choose from.

As I browsed through their Christmas cards, I was quite impressed with the selection. I was expecting to see a lot of the standard 4 by 8 photo cards with room for a photo or two. They do have those, but they now have them in a variety of styles. Here is one of my favorites, that is not quite so traditional.

They also have a variety of 5 by 7 cards printed on high-quality card stock. This one gives plenty of space to let people know what you've been up to over the course of the year. What a great, way to capture the epic holiday letter!

What surprised me the most were the 5 by 7 folded cards. Every one that I looked at had space inside where you could add a personalized message, and often, more pictures. They look very classy. I love the simplicity of the message on this one.

In addition to cards, Shutterfly offers a wide array of photo gifts, like these desk calendars, that are great options for those hard to shop for people on your list, who adore your children as much as you do!

This year, I'm using Shutterfly to create and print my holiday cards. I can't wait to see them in person, because I love how they look on the computer!

Disclosure Statement:

This post is part of a series sponsored by Shutterfly. Participating bloggers are reviewing the new Shutterfly cards and sharing their faves, and have been compensated with coupon codes for 50 free cards. However, that hasn't changed the opinions that I've expressed in this post.


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when I got to the disclousure because I was thinking this was an oddly pro-shutterfly post. That said (a) I love Shutterfly myself and have been very happy with stuff they've printed for me and (b) I totally think those first two pictures should be on your Christmas cards... those are too funny!

Anonymous said...

Where have you been?? I miss reading your blog!