Saturday, December 16, 2006


Claire is currently playing with her Little People - which includes the Little People Nativity set.

"let's go, guys"
"let's go to the punkin patch - see the punkins"
as one of the three kings drives the elephant away in the zookeepers truck

Other notable and cute things observed while she plays with these toys:

1. She thinks because Jesus' mom is named Mary, and the nativity set comes with lambs, that it is about the Mary from Mary had a Little Lamb, so she sings that a lot

2. She had the sheepdog pulling her Diego sled, and the camel from the three kings riding on the sled. Apparently Diego found him lost in the snow and was taking him home.

3. She likes to make all of the animals (including some of her stuffed animals) drink out of her "wishing well with WATER in it".

4. I love watching her imagination and trying to follow her logic. The mind of a child is really amazing.

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julie76 said...

What a big imagination for a little girl! How cute.