Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

This picture was taken exactly 1 year (to the minute) after Ben was born. We were shopping at Target. Whee!

What a year it has been! The first few months were a little rocky. We were delighted to have you with us, but the colic, we could've done without. Soon enough, though you showed us your smiley, happy personality.

I love how your eyes light up when you smile. Your eyebrows raise, and your eyes sparkle. The more that you smile the more people tell me that you look like your sister. I think it's because of how your eyes squinch up a little - just like your daddy. Your smile just lights up my whole day.

You and your big sister have so much fun together. When one of you starts giggling, the other one almost always join in, and you two will just take turns laughing and laughing. I can't wait until you are walking and running and can chase her all around. I just know that you are going to have a blast together.

You are such an amazing, integral part of our little family. Claire loves to help "take care" of you. Like scolding you when you are trying to climb the stairs, or comforting you when you are crying. If you cry in the car she'll try to sound just like me, and say, "Ooooooohhhh, Ben! It's ok, Ben-ben. Ben's sick mommy. He needs a nap. Then he'll be all better." One day we dropped Daddy off at work after a trip to drop off the car at the dealership, and you and Claire were both upset on the way home. But when Claire stopped crying herself she turned to you to say, "it's ok, Ben. Daddy's at work. He'll be home tonight." She just wants you to be happy. When she's not pushing you away from the toys, anyway.

I can't possibly say how much our lives have changed in the past year, but it has all been for such an amazingly wonderful reason.

I love you, Benjamin!



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Julie P said...

What a cute video clip! I love that post. Can you believe how fast they grow?