Saturday, February 03, 2007

the power of genetics

From the time Claire was born I have heard from Brian's family nothing except how much alike they are. The way they look, the amazing amount of energy, the comparisons go on and on. I sometimes wondered, when pregnant with Ben, if he would be more like me. A little more laid back, a little lower energy.

Today I emerged from the bathroom after my shower. Claire had been left to her own devices in the master bedroom. She had wandered in and out of the bathroom a few times, but I wasn't quite sure what she was up to. I found her, snuggled up against the side of the bed with an audience of two stuffed animals, her talking trashcan, and a pair of Brian's shoes. She had a pile of four books that she had already read, one open in her hands, and a bag with about 12 more waiting for her to get to them.

Yes, I think there's a little bit of me in there after all.

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