Thursday, February 22, 2007

What is love - part two

Love is listening to Claire count. "one, two, three, fourfivesixseben, eight, nine, ten, eleben, twelbe, tirteen, seben, eight, nine, ten, eleben, twelbe, tirteen, seben..."

Love is watching the delight in Ben's eyes as he carefully takes a few steps across the floor, then stops in front of his daddy and gives himself a round of applause.

Love is watching my kids tumble over each other and dissolve in laughter.

Love is seeing how much Claire delights in going to school everyday.

Love is how Ben laughs whenever he hears any laughter anywhere.

Love is Claire spontaneously breaking into a game of hide-and-go-seek. "Seben, eight, nine, ten! I'm going to find you!"

Love is trying not to laugh when they misbehave, but are being so darn cute when they do it.

Love is a million different things, every second of the day when I am with my kids.

Love is being a mother.

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