Monday, February 12, 2007

They're lucky they're cute

I love the way that Ben laughs anytime he hears laughter. Whether it's someone in the family, or a laughtrack on a bad comedy, he will start to chuckle, and then if the laughter continues he just gets happier and happier, until he is just giggling away. It makes me laugh, too, just to hear him.

Claire loves singing. She sings loudly and enthusiastically. And out of key. She would make Simon Cowell flee the room. But boy does she love to sing, or to be sung to. And every note is music to my ears because her enthusiasm is contagious.

And that almost makes up for walking into the family room to find the floor covered in diaper wipes. That they had gleefully pulled out of the box, one at a time. At least they were working together, right?

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Gail said...

That's awesome. Teamwork!