Thursday, August 02, 2007

Eighteen months old

Dear Ben,

Who could believe that eighteen months and one week ago, when you entered our lives, that we would have been so incredibly blessed .

We suffered through four + months of a Very Fussy Baby (TM), but noone would ever know it to look at you now. You have such a smiley happy personality, and people comment on it all the time. Daddy and I were even talking about it last weekend. We were out at the store, and you were happy and smiley the whole time - even while waiting in line to checkout. Then we got everything out to the car, and within five minutes you were fast asleep. You were exhausted (we all were as you usually get Daddy and I up around 5 AM), but noone would ever have guessed it by your sunny personality. You even charmed the cashier with a big smile, and a wave when you said "BYEEEEEE".

It has been wonderful to watch your relationship with your big sister grow. She loves you, and you think she is the coolest thing ever. When we are outside you spend all of your time running after her trying to keep up with whatever she is doing. You never seem to realize that you're always a little behind, you're just happy to be where she is. Recently you have taken to expressing your love for her with very enthusiastic tackles hugs.

You are a pretty good eater. You usually love most proteins and carbs. I've never known a baby who doesn't like fruits, but in that, you are an anomaly. You will eat bananas (in fact nana is one of your favorite words), but other than that you won't eat fruit unless it is hidden in something either cooked or pureed. The only vegetables we can get into you are when they are completely hidden in something else, though you love Nonni's zucchini bread. The doctor doesn't seem concerned, since you are still consistently between the 50th and 75th percentile for weight and 90th to 95th percentile for height.

In this picture you have attractively styled your hair with your dinner. Perhaps you have some of Grandma's hairstyling genes. Lord knows I don't!

You are such an affectionate little boy. Even while you are happily playing with toys, or looking at books you will come over to where I am every few minutes to give me a hug, or lie your head on my knee. Then you run back to whatever you were doing. When you first wake up you are usually content to just snuggle for a little while, and there is nothing I enjoy more. When I take you up to your room for naps or bedtime, as soon as I turn on your lullaby CD you snuggle into me. You turn your face into my neck, and wrap your little arms around me, and pat me on the back. It melts my heart every.single.time.

You also have quite the mischievous streak. You have recognized that there are boundaries, and you love to test them. You will go to something that you know you are not supposed to touch or play with, and then you will look at me until you are sure that I am watching, and then you will do exactly what you know you are not supposed to.

You have become quite the chatterbox. I didn't realize until we had your doctor's appointment last week. The night before Daddy and I had counted and written down all the words that you know and use correctly in context, and we came up with over 30 words. The doctor at the appointment reminded me that at your 15 month visit you knew 2-3 words and a few signs, and asked if you had a few more. He was shocked when I told him I'd counted between 30 and 40 words, and that you also use a few phrases. He said that you had the verbal skills of a two year old. I guess you're trying to keep up with Claire, because she is certainly a talker!

One of my favorite things to see is when you and your sister dance. You love music, and have a pretty good sense of rhythm. The two of you use some of your toys that play songs as little jukeboxes, and you will just stand, poised for action, waiting for the music to start and then dance your little hearts out. A few of the shows that you watch have music that you love to dance to, and the one you dance to the most is Curious George. Sometimes the two of you start dancing even before the music, as soon as you hear the voice of the announcer who does the introduction to the show. It is so fun to watch you two having such a good time together.

YouTube did something funky with this video, so see the whole video in the next post, thanks to Blogger!

Ben, I love you so much. I hope that you know how incredibly lucky I feel that I was chosen to be your mother. You are such an amazing, wonderful little boy.


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Ah Ben, such a cutie. Love you Nonni