Friday, October 19, 2007

Shiny Happy Yogurt Eaters

I took this picture while we were in NC visiting family. I just can't resist a picture of a cute kid enjoying their food.

Ben has been up to his usual tricks lately. Charming everyone except when he is having tantrums because he can't get what he wants. Like the other day when his mean, mean mommy would not let him keep the smooth, shiny bottle of hairspray, that - based on his screams of fury - he had. to. have.

I love how much he loves his big sister. He has learned to say Claire, and almost everyday when he wakes up from his nap the first person or thing that he asks for is "Cware?". Then when we head into her bedroom he happily greets her, "HEY CWARE!"

Of course as soon as I took Ben's yogurt covered picture, Claire insisted that I take her picture, too. She couldn't possibly be left out.

Yesterday afternoon when she was cleaning up her room after rest time she was trying to throw all of her "friends" (stuffed animals) onto the bed from across the room. One of them went almost entirely sideways hitting me in the head. She said, "Mommy. I'm really sorry I hit you in the head with my friend." I was actually impressed by how sincere she sounded. Then she continued, "BUT, you need to learn to dunk when I throw things at your head." Thanks for the tip, Claire. Much obliged. I may not have picked up on the "dunking" all by myself. I'll certainly try harder next time.

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