Monday, December 17, 2007

Best Shot(s) Monday - Christmas photos

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A few weeks ago I took 280 photos trying to find the three that were just right for the Christmas card. I frankly wasn't thrilled with the lighting I had in any of the shots, and if I had had time, I would have redone them at a different time of day, or in a different room, but I didn't. Here are three that didn't make the card, but deserve to be spotlighted, anyway.

Trying to get two kids to look happy at the same time?
Ain't gonna happen. At least at this point they were having fun!

Even the weird lighting can't disguise that pretty smile!

Hello, GQ called. They're ready for the "toddler" edition.

To see more pictures from Best Shot Monday visit Tracey over at Picture This, and look for more adorable links in her comments.


Brittany said...

AW! look at those kiddos. They are so sweet! :) 280? Impressive!

Brittany - 4 little MEN said...

Adorable kids!

Happy BSM!


I know you can hear me... said...

I can't believe those didn't make the cut - they are all adorable!

Never That Easy said...

I liked them all - the getting both of them to smile at the same time is near to impossible. Great shots!

Phyllis Sommer said...

great shots! looks like so much fun:-)