Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A bevy of contests

Wow! There are tons of opportunities right now to pick up some great prizes!

5 Minutes for Mom has quite a few contests up right now. Every woman knows that finding the right jeans is not an easy task. The ones that fit nicely, and feel comfortable, and make you feel good about how you look? Yeah, not easy to find. But True Jeans really tries to help. You enter your measurements, and they'll give you alist of what jeans to try. And right now by entering this contest, you could win a $200 gift certificate! Wow!

The lovely sisters also scored a great prize from Best Buy. You could win a shelf system from Insignia, that includes an iPod dock, a CD/DVD player, and much more. Wow again!

Over at A Readable Feast, Anne-Marie is giving away a great big basket of children's books. At our house new books are always a big hit.

Hmmm, I'm convinced there were more contests that I was going to mention here, but I can't think of them now. It is almost bedtime, so my brain cells are done for the day, I think.

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lesley said...

Hi Emily! I guest blog for TrueJeans now and then, and I was just having a peek at all of the wonderful responses the contest at 5 Minutes for Mom got. over 700 comments, wow! I guess we know that the chance at a free perfect-fitting pair of jeans gets people's attention! I just wanted to thank you for mentioning TrueJeans and let you know if you ever have any questions or are looking for further savings, they're always having promotions and the blog has some fun tidbits in it, too. Happy new year and happy shopping!