Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hey, what's that big pink thing?

That one. Over there. Sitting in the sidebar all lonely and unclicked. Over the past several months my younger sister, Sarah, and I have been discussing the possibility of doing either the Avon 2 day walk for breast cancer, or the Susan G. Komen 3-day. Due to timing (and perhaps foolishness) we decided to start big. And what could be bigger than signing up to raise a lot of money, and then walk 60 miles in 3 days. We conned talked our older sister, Jen, into signing up, too. Well, she still promises she will, and formed the team Three Sassy Sisters. So the first weekend of October we will be joining hundreds of others in the Washington DC area to walk 60 miles over the course of 3 days to raise money for breast cancer research.

This cause is incredibly special to me because of the death of Brian's aunt, Jacki, a little over two years ago. She fought a brave, hard, long struggle against breast cancer. She was an amazing woman, who we loved very much, and miss dearly. I think of her so often, and someday soon I will compose a more fitting tribute to tell you all what a special person she was.

In the meantime, what can you do to help? Well, you could click on that big pink link over on the right, and make a donation. Also, there is a new company that is trying to give Paypal a run for its money. It's called Revolution Money Exchange. If you click on the button below before May 15th, not only will they give you an automatic $25 (that you can then have transferred to your bank account), they will give me $10. I am going to use any money that I get from referrals as the starting point for my fundraising for the 3-day walk. So if you have about five minutes to sign up, please do. I promise your money will be going to a very worthy cause.

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Chantel said...

Okay, I hope the referral thing worked! your name popped up at the beginning when I signed up.