Friday, May 16, 2008

Presenting...the Queen

A few days ago I was cleaning out Ben's closet making room for some clothes that will fit him in 1-2 years. I like to shop clearance, and he has a bigger cousin who gave us a great big bag of hand-me-downs, but I digress. I discovered, in the bottom of his closet, several articles of clothing he received for his birthday in January that I had set aside until the weather was warm enough to wear them. Happy day! New clothes for the rotation. And one was a Lightning McQueen t-shirt. Ben was thrilled as one of his very favorite friends is currently obsessed with Lightning McQueen. I told him he could not change then (5:15 PM), but could wear it tomorrow. He carried it outside to play with, and then dutifully brought it back in for dinner.

Yesterday morning I put the t-shirt on him, and called him Lightning McQueen. A few minutes later I overhear part of a conversation. I'm not sure what Claire said to him, but he replied, "I not a baby, I a QUEEN!" Then moments later when I called for him to get ready to go downstairs he told me, "I not Benjamin, I a QUEEN!!!" Well, alrighty then. This perhaps explains his obsession with shoes. Let's get your royal hiny (is there a correct way to spell that word? I've tried 4 variations, and it keeps getting flagged by spellcheck) downstairs and into the car so we can take Claire to school.


BranTheMan said...

Oh Benny Boo Boo, trying to be "fancy" like his Uncle Brandon.

Leah said...

I thought it was "heiney" but that keeps getting flagged, too. Absolutely love the picture of Claire in the pool with her friends. What a special girl, and a special Mom.