Monday, June 02, 2008

Best Shot Monday - birthday girl!

Today my little girl turns four! Where have the years gone? Stay tuned for a sappy mommy post, but for now you can enjoy this picture of her at her birthday party on Saturday. As you can see she was having a blast with her friends!

(Photo taken with my camera, but by my friend Tara.)

Don't forget to check out more great shots over at Tracey's!


Christina said...

Happy birthday, baby girl! Four years, where does the time go?!

Andi said...

You are not the first mom this week to focus on a birthday- I did as well, and someone else too. And our comments are so similar, no matter the age! It is really hard to realize that the years FLY by faster than you can know when they are born! This photo is so, innocence, and sheer fun! Birthday parties rock, and your girl looks like she sure had a fun one. Hope she enjoys ALL of her birthdays, and that you get through them all...savoring every second!

Maggie said...

Happy Birthday to her! And I love her expression - sheer joy!

alli said...

Gleeful! How excellent. Happy Birthday!