Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Crazy Son

Three times a week I drive Ben to school in the morning after we drop Claire off, and those car rides seem to produce the craziest of conversations. Here are three of my recent favorites.


Ben: Tomorrow you're picking me up in car line, so I don't need lunch.
Me: Can you remind me in the morning so I don't forget?
Ben: I'll try, but you have a bigger brain than I do, so you'll probably remember first because your brain is bigger.
Me: OK
Ben: Can we stop talking about brains now? They're kind of disgusting.


Ben: Are we late today? Can we stop at the gas station because I'm really hungry, and I need a snack.
Me: Nope.
Ben: But Daddy used to stop there every day and buy us something.
Me: No, Daddy stopped there once.
Ben: How do you know that?
Me: Because Daddy and I talk to each other.
Ben: I'm not going to talk to you any more unless you stop talking to Daddy!


Ben told me something he'd learned the previous day in school about a platypus.
Me: So you read a book about platypi?
Ben: No, platypuses.
Me: Nope, one is a platypus, but more than one we call platypi. Just like one octopus is an octopus, but more than one is octopi.
Ben: Like one car is a car, but many are carpi!
Me: No, but that would be pretty funny, right?
Ben: Yeah, but really it's a traffic jam.

Please note Ben's very stylish first day of school ensemble.

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Chris said...

I love the traffic jam - you should write a book called "Stuff my son says" :) ADORABLE!