Monday, October 11, 2010

Claire's first school report

On Friday Claire told me that she needed to learn some facts about Christopher Columbus to share in class on Tuesday. I looked up some stuff online, and we talked about it a lot. Eventually she was able to share all of it orally, but was nervous that she would forget, so wanted to write it down. Here is what she wrote (this actually turned out longer and more detailed than the oral version).

Cristufr Clumbis wuz born in Itly and his fodr seld cheese and wen he wus oldr he wontid to sail to indeu. So the Spanish king gave muny so cristfr clunbis cud sail and have suplis and sailrs and he wontid to sail too indeu. and wen he landid he thot he wus in indeu but he wus in the bhamus and he stept of the boat and he saw unarukins and so he cold them indens and peple htot wen he got sik and he did he got rele sik he did.

Christopher Columbus was born in Italy and his father sold cheese and when he was older he wanted to sail to India. So the Spanish king gave money so Christopher Columbus could sail and have supplies and sailors and he wanted to sail to India. And when he landed he thought he was in India but he was in the Bahamas and he stepped off the boat and he saw americans and he called them Indians. And people that when he got sick and he died he got really sick he died.

(The end was supposed to be that they thought he was 55 when he died, but I think it took her so long to sound out the words that she forgot what she was saying.)

Overall, I think she did a great job. And I commend her teacher for being able to translate first grade spelling to English!

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