Monday, May 29, 2006

Four Months

The official four month photo. The plan was to have dinner, and then take a nice smily four month photo. But apparently we took too long to eat, and Ben gave up. (PS - notice the new wainscoting in the background - the dining room is finally finished!)


Your daddy and mommy are so happy that those first three months are over with. We are starting to get a nice look at your cheery personality. It used to seem like your three modes were generally sleeping, eating, and fussing, but now you smile at us all the time. (And you drool a lot, too.)

You make the sweetest little "goooo" noise when you are happy and someone is talking to you - it just melts my heart.

You pay much more attention now to the world around you. When you are awake you like to be sitting up and looking around at everything. You seem to enjoy spending time on the playmat, and batting at the duck. Fortunately your big sister is happy to help you out with that.

You met lots of new people when Mommy and Daddy had a BBQ, and you and your big sister were very well behaved. That was the first time that you got to meet Uncle Brandon, and Mommy scared him a little by handing you to him, and then walking away. It didn't take him long to find someone else to hold you!

Claire still loves to watch Dora the Explorer, and sometimes you seem pretty interested, too. Lots of the time she runs around and plays while she watches, but every once in a while (usually only if she's tired) she really pays attention to what's going on.

We were really lucky and got to spend a few days with your Grandpa. He and Claire and Daddy worked outside, and you helped Mommy supervise. The day that he left we went to Daniel's birthday party. Mommy and Claire participated in the dancing and singing, while you and Daddy mostly stayed in the back. I think that Claire liked the cupcakes!

After the party we headed up to Annapolis to see our friends up there which was a lot of fun.

We went to the petting zoo with playgroup, and there'll be a whole separate post about that. Claire had a lot of fun running around, and you were visited by several of the animals. This goat thought the stroller looked like a pretty cool ride! You seemed to like the visit a lot, until we got on the wagon ride, and then you decided that you were hungry. Good timing, Ben.

We spent a few days down at the lake with Nonno, Nonni, and Uncle David. They took good care of you and your sister so that Mommy could get a lot of work done on a big project. They took you to a picnic in the park in Fredericksburg where there was music and a lot of people. We celebrated Uncle David's birthday, but we didn't sing to him - lucky Uncle David!

Unfortunately on your four month birthday we had to make a sick visit to the pediatrician because you and Claire were both sporting a pretty bad cold. We found out that you had what the doctor described as an "angry" ear infection. Happy four month birthday, baby!

And of course, your Daddy, being quite the comedian, couldn't resist adding a prop to your four month photo.

Ben, you are so loved - right before our eyes you are changing from a baby to a little boy, and it is great and terrifying all at the same time. Sometimes I want you to stay little forever, but as we get to know what you're like, we can't wait to find out more about you.


Weight: 16 pounds, 14 ounces

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Julie said...

Cute pictures! Love the wainscoting, too, by the way.

Annnnd - I see you've got a bumbo. I've been trying to convince myself to just! buy! the thing already! Do you love it?