Monday, May 29, 2006

A Visit with Grandpa

Several weeks ago Brian's dad was able to come up and spend a few days with us. We celebrated by having eight cubic yards of dirt delivered, so he got to spend a fun day helping Brian to till, and spread all of that dirt in our various garden areas.

Don't worry, I'll help, too!

Claire can't quite manage to say Grandpa yet, instead she says "Baaaapa". She enjoyed helping (playing) with the dirt, getting rides in the wheelbarrow, and in general running around outside.

Look at how cute I am!You cannot make me smile for the camera!

Grandpa was very patient with Ben, and spent some quality time bonding with him while we waited for our table to be ready when we went out to dinner. He was even willing to hold him during his fun, nightime fussy period.

My favorite moment? Seeing Claire reach up to hold his hand when we were walking at the mall before dinner.

We are eagerly looking forward to several more visits this summer.

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