Friday, May 12, 2006

Three Months

Here is the official three-month photo:

Dear Ben,

The day after you turned two months old Nonno came to spend the night and celebrate his birthday since Nonni had deserted him to go on a quilting retreat. Daddy smoked three kinds of meat, including ribs which are one of Nonno's favorites, and Uncle Jon and Aunt Jen came for dinner, too. It was so exciting, that you and Nonno decided a nap was in order.

Our month was busy as usual. We saw lots of people, went to playgroup every week, attended music classes with Claire, and had an all around good time. Mommy is getting more and more used to running errands with two kids in tow, and so you've been to lots of different kinds of stores. You cried through most of two meetings that Mommy had for work - one we had to go out for, and one where they came to our house. You're still learning about being a baby, and getting used to things. You've been practicing your smile a lot lately, though.

We spent another fun weekend at Nonno and Nonni's lake house with Mommy's friend Carol and her husband Dave. You got to spend some quality time bonding (aka screaming) with Nonni while everyone else went out for a boat ride. In general, though, you are crying less than you used to, which makes everyone a little happier. Especially your big sister.

Chilling with Daddy

On Easter we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house, and had Easter dinner with them, Uncle Don and Ryan, Aunt Jane, Jennifer, Aunt Joni, Michelle, and Great Grandma. Everyone commented on how big you are now. Uncle Don said the reason you cried so much is because everyone was telling you you were fat, and that he would cry, too. He's a funny guy!

Claire, Mommy, and Ben on Easter

the sweetest little baby feet

I can't believe that three months have already gone by, but I also can't imagine life without you. Every baby smile and "goooooo" melts my heart. I love you so much, little boy - don't grow up too quickly!


Stats: 16 pounds, 24 1/2 inches

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