Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Our daughter, the thief

So last month we were doing some grocery shopping one weekend. The whole family went, and we got one of the cool shopping carts with the truck part up front for Claire to ride in while Ben rode in the seat up by the handle. This trip actually didn't require any bribery on our parts to get Claire to stay in the truck, she seemed to be pretty happy. We made it all the way to checkout without any problems, paid for our groceries, and headed out to the parking lot. As Brian pushed the cart across the lot I peeked in at Claire to ensure she still had both of her shoes on. And then I saw it. The thief had struck. While we were busy putting the groceries on the belt and paying for them, she had grabbed a package of Rolos and was happily eating them. No wonder she'd been so cooperative.

The evidence? If you look closely you can even see the sugar-induced glazed look in her eyes.

The verdict? GUILTY!

The accomplice? I blame Brian for introducing her to Rolos and their yummy caramelly goodness.

PS - For any of you wondering about the mouse? He may be gone, but his spirit stench lives on.

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Julie said...

No WAY! Too funny!