Tuesday, September 12, 2006


We had a mouse. Apparently. In the garage. Perhaps a distant cousin of Ralph S. Mouse, since he seemed to like cars. He crawled up inside the MDX at some point.

Thursday morning Ben and I took Claire to school. Dropped her off, and got back in the car to go to Trader Joe's. Did my shopping while Ben dropped socks in the aisles leading to the staff tracking me all over the store handing back little grey socks. We got in the car and headed home. Not far into the drive aI suddenly heard a ticking noise in the car. It quickly got louder. It seemed to be coming from the dash in front of the passenger seat. I pulled into a parking lot, and called Brian who was less than helpful. I don't know why he couldn't diagnose the car problem from miles away. Yeesh. The noise stopped when I turned the car off, and then immediately started again when the car was turned on. So I headed home. On the way I called the Acura dealer, and set up a service appointment. Then I had a brilliant idea. I turned off the climate control, and the noise stopped. OK, I could survive without A/C. It wasn't that hot and humid. We changed the appointment to Tuesday (today) when we could get a loaner car.

Friday on the way to pick Claire up from school I thought maybe I'd turn the A/C on for just a few minutes to cool off the car. And I noticed the smell. It was bad. Disgusting. Turns out the mouse crawled up into the car, and then got sucked into the blower motor. Died a gruesome death. And then proceeded to stink the place up.

I feel bad for whomever was the one to look in there and find bits of mouse. It will hopefully be fixed tomorrow sometime - they need to order a new blower motor. In the meantime - I think maybe I should look into purchasing a car air-freshener. Just in case.

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