Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sleeping babies

I don't think there is anything more heart-melting to a mom than a sleeping baby. My "babies" are growing up - much faster than I want them to. Much faster than I am willing to admit sometimes. But sometimes I still walk in on just the right moments. I'd been sitting with Ben, with his head in my lap, and then got up to go do something in the kitchen. I realized it was awfully quiet in the family room and peeked in to find this.

The lovely sisters at Five Minutes for Mom are sponsoring a giveaway that I just couldn't miss out on the opportunity to win. My "baby" could use a big-boy room, and when I saw the Summer Breeze line that's one of the available prizes I knew it couldn't be more perfect. Because Ben is in the smallest bedroom I've been planning on looking for a Captain's bed to get the extra storage underneath, and I've already bought sheets and comforters in red and blue stripes to go with the two gorgeous framed pieces that we have for his room. I would love to have this set to help move things along on the path to making his "big boy" room, even though it will probably break my heart just a little.


Lynette said...

I love this shot of your sleeping boy. Just wanted to let you know you got my vote - good luck in the contest!

philsfan450 said...

What a cutie! He's definitely got my vote!