Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - the Inaugural edition

1. Yesterday we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.
2. For King's day of service, I've decided to participate in the Knit your Bit campaign.
3. King is probably best known for the "I have a dream" speech. I think today, that part of his "dream" is becoming a reality.
4. Today is about change.
5. I am grateful that my kids will grow up in a world where they won't understand why electing a president that is African-American is a big deal.
6. Unknowingly, but what a nice coincidence, Ben and Claire chose to wear patriotic colors today.
7. Me? Do blue jeans count?
8. At least my Starbucks cup has a patriotic cardboard sleeve.
9. No matter who you voted for, it is impossible to deny that today is a historic day for our country.
10. Yes we can!

1 comment:

Colleen said...

You're completely right, Emily. Yesterday was quite a momentous and memorable day ... full of possibilities and hope. How lucky we are -- even in the midst of so much struggle and uncertainty.