Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where has my baby gone?

I rushed home from school yesterday to be here when Ben's bed was delivered, then headed back to school, ran some errands, picked Claire up and took her to dance class, and then finally returned home.

I found Ben and Brian in a storm of cardboard boxes and pieces of pine. Some of them resembled a bed.

About 45 minutes later, we had a twin bed, with rails set up. (We bought Ben a twin-over-full bunkbed set, but for the time being we are only using the top part.) I quickly heated up some dinner for the kids, they ate, and then we went back upstairs to put on pajamas. As soon as Ben had his pajamas on, and for every 30 seconds thereafter he said, "will you tuck me in, Mama?" Over and over and over again. Until finally it was time to get tucked in. I kissed him and hugged him, and put his stuffed elephant in beside him. He gave me a huge smile, and said goodnight.

This morning I was awakened by him calling me. I went in, and when I reached out to him in bed he realized where he was, and suddenly said, "oh, I can get out by myself." Then he told me, "The bedbugs didn't bite me. My elephant helped me sleep." By all accounts, a good first night. Let's hope it continues to go as smoothly. Or that maybe? Possibly? He will start sleeping later in the mornings. Ha!

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Liz said...

"My elephant helped me sleep." How precious is he? :)