Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Eight Months

(I am determined to get caught up on these, so expect several in the next week.)

Dear Ben,

You are getting so big! But of course I think that every month. You love spending time in your exersaucer, as it gives you the freedom to move around, and explore whatever you like. You want so badly to be independent, and you will be, soon enough (or too soon if you ask me).

You enjoy watching Claire play outside. You happily hang out in the swing - content with an occasional push when Claire isn't demanding our attention. And when she's feeling really generous she allows you to take a turn in her special pink chair. You are an easy-going little guy, and it makes my life so much easier that watching Claire run, jump, and slide seems to be an endless source of amusement to you. We've also discovered that when you are upset and crying you can frequently be soothed by my singing "Five Little Spotted Frogs". Claire likes to chime in with the "yum, yum" and "ribbit, ribbit" portions of the song. Sometimes I am so busy trying to do something while I sing that I lose count of how many frogs are left on the log - fortunately for me you can't count yet!

You don't often fall asleep in my arms anymore, but the sight of you sleeping warms my heart. On the occasions that you do fall asleep while nursing I tend to hold you close, and resist carrying you upstairs to your crib. I don't want to give up those moments of closeness any sooner than I must.

In the last month you have had the opportunity to watch a lot of football with Daddy (which should be no surprise to anyone). You've even been to a Hokie football game, and seemed to enjoy it. When things got loud you just burrowed closer to Mommy and closed your eyes. What a trooper!

As usual we've spent lots of time with family. Labor day weekend, after the football game we headed to Nonno and Nonni's house on the lake, and the next day Aunt Cindy, Uncle Don, and Ryan came down to hang out with us. It was nice to spend some time relaxing with them.

Grandma and Grandpa came up to babysit one night so that Mommy and Daddy could go out and feel like grown-ups. You enjoyed hanging out with Grandpa while Claire got her first haircut!
I love that now, when I pick you up, you sometimes wrap your little arms around my neck. Those innocent hugs are the sweetest. Your smile, and your dimples, are just irresistible. Almost anyone who greets you gets a big grin, and they like to comment on what a friendly baby you are. I love the way that your eyes light up when you look at me. Even though you can't say it with words, your eyes tell me how much you love me.

Happy eight months, baby boy. I love you so much!


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