Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Claire loves to help. I hope that this lasts for another...16 or so years.

Last night when I finished feeding Ben I stacked his empty plastic babyfood containers, put the spoon in the top one, and got up to clear some other things off of the table. Claire hopped up into my chair so that she could "help feed Ben, Mommy". She stuck some puffs in his mouth, and then came running into the kitchen carrying the empty plastic containers. Brian was blocking the trash can, so she loudly said, "Scuse me, Daddy. Scuse me! SCUSE ME!" until he moved out of the way. She went back to the dining room, fetched Ben's cup which had fallen on the floor "oh no, Ben!" Then she came trotting back in with Ben's spoon. She stood in front of the dishwasher and started chanting, "help, help, HELP" until Brian opened the dishwasher so that she could put the spoon in the silverware basket. Then she hopped back up on the chair to feed Ben more puffs, and keep picking his cup up ("oh, no, BEN!") off the floor where he threw it everytime she handed it to him. (I like to call him Sir Isaac Newton, as he appears to be doing an in-depth study of the effects of gravity on food and drink.)

It is amazing to watch her grow. She brings us so much joy.

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