Friday, November 17, 2006


I have a lot of posts floating around in my head waiting for me to have the time to type them up, and put them here.

But right now I can't. I spent much of this morning trying to keep myself busy, so that I wouldn't have time to think. You know how sometimes when you are hurting (in mind or body) if you keep busy enough the pain doesn't overwhelm you? This morning when I checked Atomic Tumor's website the news was grim. So I kept busy, and I could keep the hurt at bay. Now it is worse. And that empty feeling inside is taking over. And my heart hurts for him and his two little boys, and for their families and their friends. From everything that I've read, our world is losing a wonderful woman, friend, and mother.

I am so lucky. I look around and Claire is watching Wonder Pets and waiting for her pizza to finish cooking for lunch. Ben is busy on the floor emptying one of the toy bins - carefully examining each thing he pulls out. I am blessed. Please, take time today to celebrate the people that you love, and to appreciate what you have. We never know how much longer we'll have to enjoy it.

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RLGelber said...

I found your blog through AT's sidebar. He's touched me so very much as well. I've been hugging my family a little bit tighter these days.