Wednesday, June 20, 2007

back to our regularly scheduled (HA!) blogging

So the first full day at the beach -Sunday - it rained. Lot sof rain. It was windy and wet. So we found a bowling alley in Nags Head and headed down after lunch. The adults played on one lane, and Claire and Ryan played on the other. I deeply regret that we didn't have a camera because a) the kids were adorable (especially Ben sitting on the racks with all of the bowling balls), and b) I won. Yes. I beat all of the other adults. And I threw two gutter balls on my first frame. Claire actually rolled one ball so slowly down the lane that when it bumped into a pin, it stopped. And the pin didn't fall down. It was that slow. It was a fun way to kill a little time.

Monday was beautiful. After breakfast we got ready to head to the beach. Don had purchased a nice tent type thing to set up to provide us with some shade, which was really nice, though it only lasted through two being set up two times before too many of the poles were messed up. Claire and Ryan headed for the water immediately, and loved jumping the waves, and running up and down the beach. Ben let the water hit his feet, and then it got up almost to his knees and he was done, so he spent the rest of the time playing in the sand.

We came in for lunch (Zero's subs) and spent some afternoon time in the pool. Mom and Dad arrived, and got settled in. Fortunately the new gas grill for the house got delivered in time for Brian to cook some delicious steaks for dinner.

Tuesday morning we spent some more time at the beach, and then we headed to Timbuck II for a little shopping and ice cream. After a nap, Claire took her first ever bike ride (thanks for the bike cousin Ryan!).

She had a blast, and did a great job.

Wednesday was a low-key day. Some beach, some pool, and (hooray!) a night out for the parents. Mom and Dad watched the kids, and let us go out to dinner and for a few drinks with Don, Cindy, and Brandon. We ate at a great restaurant in Timbuck II, and then to a really cheezy bar (because Brandon thought the hostess was cute). Then back home so the boys could play pool, and Cindy and I could fall asleep on the couches.

Ugh. I am tired, and so that's all for tonight. You can see a lot more pictures here.

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Amanda said...

Sounds like you had so much fun at the beach! A relaxing time at the beach sounds like just the thing right now. Trying so hard to not be jealous!