Monday, June 11, 2007

Claire's Birthday

Claire's birthday started pretty early. We got her out of bed, dressed her before she was awake enough to protest or express an opinion about what she was wearing, and then popped her in the car. For much of the first half hour of the ride we kept hearing from the backseat, "It's my birthday. Because I'm 3 now. Because I'm not 2 anymore. It's my birthday. Because I'm 3 now..."

The first part of our trip was fairly quick. We stopped at a Cracker Barrel a little over an hour away to have a birthday breakfast with Nonno, Nonni, Uncle David, and Grandma.

(photo credit: Dad)
Claire checks out some of her presents from Mommy and Daddy
(all stuff to keep her busy in the car)

(photo credit: Dad)
modeling her new Dora hair scarf

(photo credit: Dad)
admiring the Dora truck - thanks Grandma!

(photo credit: Dad)
Thanks everyone! I love birthdays!

Then we got back in the car, drove another couple of hours, and stopped in Williamsburg for lunch where we met up with Uncle Don, Aunt Cindy, and Ryan. After lunch and a brief running around time for the kids, everyone piled back in the cars, and we were off to the beach. The trip was uneventful, and there wasn't really a whole lot of traffic.

After waiting a bit to get the keys to the house we got there, settled in, and sent the boys to the store to get a few essentials (like a birthday cake and candles) and dinner. After dinner it was time for cake!

Mmmm - strawberry! Good choice, Daddy.

Getting help from Ryan to blow out the candles.


Ben thinks it's delicious.

We got Claire a scooter which came complete with helmet. Once she opened that she had to wear it to open all the rest of her presents. It's always important to be safe!

Look at me! I'm ready to go.

Claire had a fantastic birthday. She loved being at the beach, and getting to see so much family on her special day. She was a very happy little girl.

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Julie P said...

Cute pics! I can't believe she's 3. :) I love her in the backseat of the car "I'm 3! I'm not 2 anymore! It's my birthday!" Adorable.