Sunday, June 24, 2007

so sweet I'm getting a toothache

Right now Claire and Ben are sitting together on the family room floor. Claire was trying to convince Ben to have a tea party.

"Wanna have a tea party? C'mon, buddy. Wanna have a tea party wif me?"

He ignored her, holding a book open in his lap and pointing at the pictures.


Finally she gave in.

"Oh, bear. Oh, sand. Oh, truck"

Ben pointed


"That's right, buddy! Bear!"

Now they're taking hands holding the book so she can point to things for him and tell him what's in the picture, and what the colors are while he stares in fascination.

"Oh, there's a blue star. That's a blue star, ok? It matches your jammies."

We must be doing something right.

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Nonno said...

You have to making this stuff up. It can't be real.