Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back to School

Yesterday was Claire's first day at her new preschool. She was excited to go, although the night before she had tried to convince me that she was only 2, not 3, and couldn't go to her new school. That only lasted until I listed all the birthday presents she had received that she would have to return if she hadn't turned 3. Then she decided she was 3 again.

Posing for the camera.
Showing off her new backpack.

Cheesing it up.

So far things seem to have gone well. She didn't cry when I left her yesterday, though others in her class were crying. Her teacher did have to disengage a fistful of my hair from her hand before I could get out the door, but no tears was good. She walked out with a smile on her face, although I couldn't get much information out of her about her day. After much questioning I found out that she had gone down a slide, and showed the other kids how to roll up the workmats. At dinner we finally discovered that she'd learned how to open eggs, and they had shapes inside of them. When asked what they did with the shapes she replied, "nuffin!"

Today she went in and gave her teacher a hug, and let me go without having to unwind her limbs from around my neck. She came out with her teacher with big smiles, and as we pulled out of the parking lot she said, "I had a great day at school today!" So naturally I asked her what she had done. "Nuffin!" Alright then. It appears that they read a story about a pancake who left the house and went far away. And she went down the slide. She still insists that they don't give her snack, but that's usually when she's trying to negotiate for a treat, so I'm not sure I believe it.

Tomorrow will be interesting as it is the first day with the older kids at school. Since it is a Montessori school each classroom has kids from ages 3-5. The first two days of school were just for new students, so there were only 8-10 kids in each class, but tomorrow the returning students are back, so there will definitely be more happening. We'll see what she says about that.


Julie P said...

CUTE pic! She looks so big and grown up!

Gail said...

Yeah for a great day! She is just a living doll. I love the "nuffin" comments.