Saturday, September 08, 2007

The fun part

My kids amaze me. Really. Everyday they do or say something to surprise me. Lately I have been watching them play together, and it never fails to make me smile.

A week or so ago I was working on something downstairs, and the two of them disappeared upstairs. "Come on, Ben! It's ok, Mommy. I'm bringing him." And off they went holding hands and smiling. So I finished up what I was doing, the whole time trying to figure out which room they were in, and where and what the mess would be when I finally went upstairs. As I headed up the stairs I heard quiet giggles coming from Claire's room. I anticipated seeing all of the clothes pulled from her dresser, or all of the toys from the closet scattered on the floor, but no. They were both sitting on her bed, pulling the covers over themselves to hide, and giggling non-stop. It was adorable.

Last night as I was putting the finishing touches on dinner they each took one of the kitchen towels, and claimed a piece of real estate on the kitchen floor. "I'm sleeping here tonight. Good night," announced Claire. "Nee niigh. Nee niigh." Ben repeated over and over again. And they would giggle, and pull a towel over themselves, and wiggle, and giggle some more. "Nee nigh!" After a while they moved to the family room. And then the trouble started. Amidst the whining I heard Brian, "No, Claire! You can't pull the pillow out from under his head! Give him one of the towels. He was using that, give it back to him. No, that's Ben's blanket. Fine, if you want that pillow give him the other one." But only a few minutes later, again I could hear, "Good night, Ben!" "Nee nigh! Nee nigh!" And more giggling.

Yes, my kids like to clink their popsicles together and say "cheers!" Is that strange?

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