Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Murphy's Law

Yesterday after picking Claire up from school we were going to swing by Brian's office to drop off some papers for him to fax. I had taken the diaper bag out of the car the day before to refill it, and hadn't put it back in, but I didn't plan on needing it (mistake #1).

A few minutes before we arrived at Brian's office he called and asked if we'd had lunch yet. Since we hadn't we decided to all have lunch together in the food court at the mall. We picked him up, went to the mall, ordered our food and sat eating, when Brian noticed a distinct odor coming from Ben's diaper. I wasn't too worried (mistake #2) because we were almost done, and would be home soon and I could change his diaper.

As we left the food court Ben was walking beside Brian holding his hand, and Claire and I were next to them, when suddenly Brian stopped in the middle of the floor and looked at Ben. One side of his diaper had come undone, and so his diaper was hanging halfway out of his shorts. Rather than trying to unsnap his bottom, refasten the dirty diaper, and resnap him, Brian just pulled it the rest of the way off (mistake #3) and found the nearest trash can. So we fastened Ben into his carseat with no diaper, and headed home. Of course when I got home what did I find? Of course. He had peed. So I had to strip him down, wash him, and put on a clean diaper and clothes. Fun.

What else could go wrong? Half an hour later Claire could be having so much fun playing with her "kite" (a helium balloon that no longer floated) that she neglected to go to the bathroom and peed all over the couch.

What a day.

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Gail said...

The things we go through as parents. ;)