Saturday, September 08, 2007

Two posts in two hours?!? What is the world coming to!

This was too priceless not to document.

All morning Brian and I have sternly been telling Ben, "NO! No throwing! We don't throw blocks!" Before Claire woke up this usually resulted in him lying down on the floor (putting himself in timeout? trying to appear invisible? who knows) curled up in the fetal position. And then moments later he is fooling around with the blocks again.

Now Claire is awake, and is building a high! tower! with some help, and a lot of hindrance from her brother. (Everytime he successfully stacks a block he exclaims, "dadadaDAH!") Then Ben tossed a block high in the air, and got reprimanded loudly by both myself and Brian. Moments later I heard Claire murmur, "Ben, I love you, but we don't throw blocks. I love you, buddy, but no throwing." So cute!

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