Monday, May 25, 2009

Best Shot Monday - Memorial Day

Today we remember all of the men and women who served our country and have died, but most particularly, around our house, we are thinking of our grandfathers. Here is a picture of Brian and the kids with Papa Jim taken in December 2007. This is the first year that we are remembering Papa Jim on Memorial Day, rather than Veteran's Day. He accomplished so much in his years of service for our country, and was very proud of it - deservedly so. We miss him, and we're grateful for his service, and that of Grandpa Collins, and Grandpa Mills - all of whom proudly served our country.

There are so many men and women who we honor today. Take a moment to remember them, before heading on to see the magic everyone else is sharing at Best Shot Monday.


CĂ©lio said...

Muito legal seu blog, principalmente as fotos.

iMother2.0 said...

what a beautiful tribute.

Puna said...

This is a wonderful picture. Thank you for your tribute! Memorial day makes me cry.

carrie said...

that is a perfect tribute to grandpa! thanks to him and all the many others who have fought for our freedom.

Mike said...

Great memories, huh?

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