Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - remember that thing?

1. It's been a long time. At the end of the day I am tired, and though I frequently think of blog posts as I work or drive, I rarely take the time to type them once I'm sitting on the couch.

2. I'm making it a mission to take better care of myself - tonight I soaked my feet, then exfoliated them with a sugar scrub, and put on nice foot lotion and heavy socks.

3. I've also started doing a cross-training exercise program every Monday at school. It makes Monday long days, but I get a great workout, and I need it.

4. I had a very relaxing Mother's Day with my three favorite people. They were very sweet to me.

5. My husband must have read my mind about my plan to take care of myself because I got a spa gift certificate for Mother's Day.

6. Last Saturday we made our first (of many) trips to the farmer's market. Even though there's not a lot of produce out, what was there was great, and the kids were thrilled that the homemade donuts were back.

7. Brian was sad that the olive and pickle guy was not back.

8. My fresh crepe at the farmer's market was delicious (feta, spinach, and mushrooms - yum). My favorite part of Saturday mornings.

9. Right now I'm watching the Biggest Loser finale, and chatting online with my sister. An enjoyable way to finish the day. We're also simul-blogging our 10 on Tuesday. (I just made that word up, btw.)

10. Our gardens are starting to change over to summer flowers, and I'm enjoying looking around each week at what is new. The bleeding hearts (shown above) are shedding their flowers, while the peonies are getting more buds every time I look. The clematis has started to bloom, and one lilac is done, while the other hasn't begun yet. I've found one of the nice things about gardening is how much everything changes week by week (or sometimes day by day).

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