Monday, March 12, 2007


I tell Claire all the time that she is a very smart girl. It may have gone to her head a bit. She seems to think that she is smarter than - well - everyone.

She has a little electronic game that she got as a gift. It shows a mommy animal, and asks her to push the button of the appropriate baby animal. Lately as she plays with it, I can hear her talking back to it:

game: can you help the mommy horse find her baby?
Claire presses the wrong button.
game: Can you find the colt?
Claire: Actually, it's a horse!
game: Old McDonald Had a Farm E-I-E-I-O. Great! You helped the mommy horse, find her baby colt!
Claire: Actually, it's a horse!

If only there was a font option that would adequately illustrate the completely condescending tone of her voice when she says the word "actually".

And another example, from Saturday at lunch. She had a grilled cheese that was served with a fruit salad. I gave her some canteloupe, and the following conversation ensued:

Claire: I no like watermelon.
me: This is canteloupe.
Claire: Actually, it's watermelon. (duh, Mom, don't you know anything?!?)

I can hardly wait until she's a teenager.

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