Thursday, March 08, 2007

the will to wean?

I never thought that I would be nursing past Ben's one year birthday. With Claire it wasn't a choice that I made, she weaned herself at about 11 months. Ben didn't. We did start giving him whole milk a few weeks before his birthday, since he was nursing less, and seemed thirsty. And I don't nurse him a lot anymore - probably a maximum of twice a day, and usually only once.

But when I'm holding him, and he's sleepily holding my finger so that my palm cups his cheek, or when he stares up at me until I pay attention and look down and then he gives me a big grin, or when he reaches up and pats me on the cheek. How can I just stop and give up those moments? Or better yet, why should I stop? Sometimes whole days (or two) go by with no nursing. And then the next day it just feels right. So we are. At least for the moment, while his teething is causing him some pain, and he needs/wants the extra comfort. I'm ok with that. And when he decides to stop? I'll probably be ok with that, too. But for now? I'll enjoy the cuddles while they come.

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sara said...

That's beautiful. As we near 10 months, I'm preparing myself that any day she might decide "no more", but I am dreading having to make the decision, too. There's no "reason" except I'm longing for bras that don't open in front.