Sunday, March 04, 2007

More Claire funnies

I don't remember if I posted last fall about Claire's use of the word "many". (And right now I'm just too lazy to look it up.) One day we were walking through a parking lot, and she spotted some gravel. So she pointed out the "Rocks. Many rocks!" I was very impressed that she knew the word many, and had used it appropriately. Until a few days later when she was counting my eyes, and told me I had, "one, two...many eyes." Still needs some work.

Last night it was the word "probably". We got into the car after dinner, and it was dark because it was 8:30. She said it was "probably bedtime". Yep. We agreed. She decided everyone in the car was tired, and we would all go to bed when we got home, "Ben go to bed. Claire go to bed. Mommy go to bed. Daddy go to bed." During the ride home she kept repeating that it was "Probably nighttime. It's probably bedtime." Then we pulled into the driveway, and into the garage. At which point she told us, "It's probably my house." Umm, I certainly hope so. Next on the list of words to teach her? Definitely.

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