Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fun times

As expected, the Hokies won. After the game we went to Hokie House for food, beer, and pool. The people watching was excellent. There was one group of four, three men, and one woman, who kept us entertained with constant drama much of the evening. There was fighting, crying, hugging, and kissing. Over and over and over again. They did not all leave together.

There were also quite a few folks out, that I am sure, Clinton and Stacy would not approve of. Perhaps the young woman in the silver sequined top, layered with a pink cabled, hooded cardigan. Or the one in the black tank top with silver sequins at the hem and neckline, combined with a pair of hiking boots.

It certainly made for good conversation while Brian was busy playing pool and making new friends. I think he might be an honorary fraternity brother now.

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