Sunday, November 04, 2007

International Day

In addition to getting ready for Halloween, Claire had International Day at her school the previous Friday. So we needed another costume for that. Fortunately Claire has had two aunts go to Hawaii, both of whom bought her presents. So we had a hula girl costume, and a Hawaiian dress from when Claire was about 9 months old. The dress made a great shirt, and she wore the grass skirt and shell lei from the other costume. She originally had a flower in her hair, but despite the four barrettes I used to anchor it in her hair, she tore it out and ruined it about five minutes into the car ride to school. She was pretty cute anyway!

When the parents arrived at school, we went into the classrooms where the children were all lined up ready to perform. They sang about three or four songs, and then we all went upstairs to the chapel (her school is in the basement of a church), and they had a parade. It was all supposed to be done outside, but the rain put a damper (ha!) on that.

I discovered it is very hard to keep an almost 2 year old still in a classroom full of intriguing things to touch and explore, so partway through the songs I had to leave the room since Ben was screaming as I tried to hold him still and take pictures with my other hand. I did enjoy hearing the continents song, and wish I'd been able to stay for the rest because Claire was so darn cute singing with all of her friends. Poor Claire kept looking around the room for me after I stepped outside (I could see her through a window, but she couldn't see me over the heads of the other parents). She thought she'd been deserted. She was delighted to see us upstairs in the chapel, though. All in all she had a fun day, and enjoyed having an extra day to dress up.

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